Ultralight trip to Old Perlican ,Newfoundland

Allen Willie



Greetings All,


Just returned from a mini type dxpedition trip from the town of Old Perlican which is 102 miles Northwest of St. John's, Newfoundland  Latitude 48 N 53 W and is right along the ocean looking out towards Trinity Bay .


 Dxed with the Ultralight SRF-M37V  for 3 nights consecutively, the first night being the best of the 3 hearing quite a number of stations during the evening. Have a few photos also  of some of the sites I dxed from around the area, will post those to the photo section soon.


Here are only a few of the catches heard  during the time spent away  from home.


July 2 -


00:22 UTC  1179 khz - SWEDEN, R. Sweden w/ rock music , ID's ,good


00:59 UTC 1422 khz - GERMANY, Deutschlandradio, Heusweiler w/ classical music , good


01:13 UTC -  930 khz - CANADA, CFBC St. John, New Brunswick w/ oldies music and 930

 CFBC ID, fair after nulling  a St. John's NL station by turning the radio


01:20 UTC - 1170 khz - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - R. Farda w/ Arabic commentary and ID , music  ; fair


01:23 UTC - 1431 khz - DJIBOUTI, R. Sawa Arta w/ woman commentary in arabic, ID, good


02:07 UTC - 920 khz - CANADA - CKNX Wingham, Ontario  w/ This is your Home for Blue Jays Baseball 920 CKNX"  ID baseball scores; fair ***NEW ONE***


02:25 UTC - 790 khz - CANADA - CIGM, Sudbury, Ontario w/ Baseball game;Akim Optical Ad, Royal Tire Promo, CIGM Sudbury ID ; fair  ***NEW ONE***


03:00 UTC - 1200 khz - USA - KFNW,  West Fargo North Dakota w/ "Youre listening to KFNW Serving West Fargo" , religious prgrmaing then dropped off  ; good


03:12 UTC - 1290 khz - CANADA - CFRW - Winnipeg, Manitoba w/ oldies, ad for Marlboro Hotel, ID  ; fair


03:40 UTC - 1440 khz - USA - WJAB - Portland, Maine w/ Sears Ad, Morning JAB promo, good





July 3/08



01:58 UTC - 1180 khz - USA - WHAM - Rochester, New York w/ Talk show on Miltary, ID ; good


0133 UTC -   800 khz - CANADA - CHRC - Quebec City, Quebec  w/ Info 800 ID, french commentary with some english transcripts; fair


All stations heard on the SRF-M37V barefoot.


**** NOTE *****  The logging on 930 khz is a prime example of how with a single twist of the radio  you can null one station to hear another. I was able to null a St. John's station out completely to hear  the other in New Brunswick.on it's own




Allen Willie

St. John's, Newfoundland



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