UltraLight Radio DXing Go Bag - October 2022

Paul Blundell

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at improving the way I carry my ultralight DXing kit. I started a new job late last year, which sees me more office bound at our CBD office and also working from home a few days a week, this has meant that my ad-hoc portable sessions (such as during my lunch breaks when I was close to a park) have now stopped. Any portable sessions are now only when I have planned them or on the rare chance I get some unexpected free time to do them. I used to keep my kit in my car in a hard carry case and grab it out as needed, now I don't have a car, this has been sitting at home, not getting used that often.

Due to my lack of transport, I have been focusing on portable sessions closer to home. To undertake these, I have been carrying my kit by hand. Due to the size and weight of my case, I have limited these to the areas close to my home.

My children are now of the age where they have after-school and weekend activities, due to this I am finding myself often sitting around in the car waiting for them. Based on this I decided to put together an "UltraLight Radio DXing Go Bag". I found this bag on eBay for $11 and used some spare cardboard I had to make a protector case for my PL-365. I can also fit my log book, pens, ear phones and spare batteries, everything I need for a portable session. It is also much more "low profile" than some of my previous cases and setups.

This provides a good level of protection, it does not stand out as much as a hard case and it is easier to carry over longer distances and keep it with me more often.