The Ultralightdx Web Site: Content, Uploading, etc.

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

I am certain that most people on here are already familiar with the details/services available to members of a yahoo group.  In case that you are not, here are some comments that you might find helpful:

1. Our ultralight group has its own website. The URL is You might want to make a shortcut to that website on your desk top or put it in your favorites, because much of the advantage of belonging to this group is only accessible on the website itself.

2. You can access all past messages to ultralightdx on the site. Further (and this is key) you can search the message archive for a particular word or phrase, or station or frequency, etc.  Very handy as our archive of old messages builds up.

3. There is a "Files" area on the website that, right now, just contains one paper: the results of testing of the ferrite rod antenna (its coils, actually) of the SRF-39/59 family by Nick Hall-Patch and me.... there are results from three antennas.  So, if you are transplanting a larger ferrite bar into one of this family of receivers, this information and an LCR meter is very useful.  Over time, I hope that we will build up other "in progress" and technical references in our files area.  This is also the place for anyone who wishes to upload audio clips of Ultralight catches that the might wish to share. There is 100 MB of free storage available for our Files, so we should have plenty of room, for a while. As we build up files, I'll likely apply some sort of organization into folders to aid navigation, but for now, please just upload all files and clips into the main Files area.

A word of caution, though, this Files area should not be viewed as the primary repository for Articles, etc. on Ultralighting. The website has served us very well as a central library of articles on all aspects of Ultralighting.  More importantly, it is seen by the broader MW and Crystal DX hobbies as The Place for information and files regarding Ultralighting.  The most downloaded file in our area there has been downloaded over 500 times (!!!) If you have any finished Ultralight articles or references, lets make certain that a copy goes to If you can't upload to that site (its somewhat restricted in upload privileges) please send it to me and I'll be happy to upload it for us all to see.  Most of these same comments apply also to the club bulletins of IRCA, NRC, ODXA and MWC. Each of these publications has been very supportive of the Ultralighting niche and would welcome more articles from members of this group.

4. I did not realize it until recently, but Yahoo also supplies its groups with an additional 100 MB of storage in the "Photos" section of the website. Right now, there are several interesting photo albums already there.  Gary DeBock has uploaded photos of his latest transplant of (now) an almost 15" long ferrite bar antenna onto an SRF-39FP.... a pretty incredible feat.  I've also put up two albums of photos of my "National" SRF-39 Table model receiver.  If you saw these photos on the old hotrodding website, the only thing new is one page of my preliminary design sketches... you might like to compare the initial design to the final product. Articles about both of these projects will be forthcoming in the next month or so, I'm sure.

Several practical things about the Photos section of our website. First, its super for people who are not really used to manipulating their digital images as to size, resolution, etc or optimizing them for the web.  The Yahoo Photo section does that work for you, automatically!  You can upload almost any size Photo file to an album very easily and the Yahoo software optimizes it for the web and creates THREE images of differing sizes: A Thumbnail sketch, a Medium Size Image and a Large Image. When you go to an album, you see the humbnails. If you click on one, it brings up the medium image AND THE CAPTION. To the lower left of the photo is also a link to click to get the really large detailed image. I really like the automatic nature of this... and he fact that one can select the size image to view.

Apparently each "album" is limited to five photos and it is not possible to establish sub-Albums within an overall album. Still, it is a wonderful resource for us all and I hope that you use it.

Any ultralight member can upload to either the Files or the Photo section.  If you have not done it before, its quite easy.

Lastly, I see that Allen Willie has uploaded a photo of he and fellow St. Johns DXer Lorne Harnum to the Photos section. THANKS, ALLEN!  Two very handsome gentleman.  I hope that we can create a Ultralight rogues gallery...

Well, that is all of the mechanics that I know about for our group.... The next step for me is that custom dial face for the National SRF-39.

Best Regards      

John Bryant
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, NRD-535(kiwa-mods) + flock of Ultralights
Antennas: 700' NE/SW mini-Bev, Wellbrook Phased Array (pre-production version)