Tecsun PL-330 [firmware 3306] unboxing and initial testing videos

Peter 1956 <pe1etr@...>


Hi Peter
Interesting couple of videos, and one proved very useful to me. I tried the Winter Hill transmitter on my R-108 and although there was clearly a conversation going on, I wasn't able to get any of it (I'm about a hundred miles away). I then tried my Etón G3 and not only was it stronger and louder, I was able to hear the conversation clearly. So this has told me that although the R-108 is very good on MW my G3 is the go to for FM. Do you do much ham scanning? I've never bothered with Air Band before, but when I initially scanned with the R-108 I found quite a lot of towers and aircraft, just something else to play with 😊.
p.s. Was the 'blinded by the light' a reference to Manfred Mann or The Streets?