Sony ICF-4900/4920, ICF-SW20 and ICF-SW22

Stephan Grossklass

Hi all,

has anyone tried these little analog-tuned Sony sets? They
should all be CX20091 based (later versions of the IC:
CXA1191, CXA1691). The '4900 is the largest of the bunch, at
a "whopping" 130 x 76 x 25 mm, with the others being no
larger than 110 x 71 x 24 mm.
A guy on another group swears by his SW20 as it is one of
few sets that will not give trouble with birdies on a station
at exactly 910 kHz, and I have read fairly positive comments
on the MW performance of this model elsewhere. (My only
CX20091 based set, the larger ICF-7601, is a pretty good
performer but wouldn't mind a somewhat larger AGC range and
is a touch hissy.)