radiowe r-108 vs tecsun pl-310et <mariusz.dorota@...>

Hello everyone. I have Tecsun pl-310et and I’m very happy with that. I’ve read some encouraging reviews about radiwow r-108, how does it’s sensitivity compare on fm and am to Tecsun ? Some say that it is better, but how come if ferrite antenna in radiwow is shorter than tecsun ? Also I would like to know if on r-108 can you change preset stations with tuning knob (like in tecsun)

DX Pedro

IDK if you already purchased the Radiwow, but my first radio was actually a 310et. I was on the verge to get either one or the other, but Tecsun seemed a bit more solid and well built, and also very sensitive according to some reviews, despite the age of the receiver. I couldn't be more happy to own the Tecsun.


Hi both,

I have just received my Tecsun PL-310ET and plan to compare it shortly to my Radiwow R-108 (still yet to arrive).  I will let you know what my observations are of these two radios.