R Symban in both MW and SW!

Zacharias Liangas

2368.43 R Symban 1740 via Hunter kSDR in NSW Australia with -80 dbm signal or S7 an 25db depth with nice old Greek songs of the 70s also heard them in // 1692.00!!at -72/S10 (!!)  Too much static in shortwaves
Tested also on 1201  on  39th with again better signal in MW than SW

1665 with old Greek songs time is 10  ‘two double M”   o melodikos stathmos – the melodic station noticed at 1002 with -90dbm on 30/4 and continuous with old songs – I will live as free bird- Cypriot voice from the speaker  .Song ID and again song from the same singer  the story teller (ie vapor talker ) In MWList the station name is 2MM More info on my page https://zliangaslogs.wordpress.com/2022/04/30/logs-on-29-4/

Zacharias Liangas
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