Issac Quincey

My process to note down what I hear, when, where and how has, until now been a mix of pad paper, post-it notes and random scribbles. As I DX more, this is getting harder to manage.

What options exist in both physical and digital forms? I know that somebody on here was working on a database type system but this seems to have died off. Is Excel all I need?

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Paul Blundell

I use a mix of paper and PC based. As you know I have been working on MWDXerDB for a while and of late, this has been my focus (more so than DXing). I hope to have some progress of this in the next few weeks.
I have attached my 9KHz log sheet and the latest MW radio list from the ACMA.


On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 6:54 PM Larry Smith via <> wrote:
Hi Issac,

 I mostly use old school paper log sheets in 3 ring binder(s). I bought some blank logging sheets from Universal Radio in Ohio years ago and I just copy the blanks on my printer whenever I need new ones. Fred still has those blank logging sheets listed on his Website. Portable, I just jot down in a steno type note pad and "smooth" entry it in my binder log later. I used a program called "DXtreme" on my computer for a number of years when I was doing MW and SWL listening and logging and chasing QSL's and veries. Great program and he still sells the latest version, but I don't know the price. It was a tad "pricey" as I recall, but really worth it for everything you can do with it, especially with SWL/MW/LW/UTE listening, because most other programs or paper logs are Ham oriented.His site has a "walk through" last time I was there, so you can check it out.  He also has incredible follow up support for questions and "problems.  It will be interesting to see what other people recommend. Hope this helps, Regards, Larry