New radios

Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

While doing my periodic review of the Universal Radio website, I saw a new product announcement for the Icom IC-RX7 Wideband receiver.


Details include:

   modes: AM, FM (Narrow), FM (wide)

   frequency range 150 kHz to 1,300 MHz (some gaps)

   power: lithium battery (provided)

   physical dimension: 2.5 X 3.1 X 0.8 or 5.58 cubic inches (excludes projections)


This unit has not been approved by the FCC and no price is stated at this time.


With the Icom name, I imagine this will be pricey, but will be interesting to see and hear how they perform.


More details at:


Note: I am not affiliated with Universal Radio other than being a happy customer.


73 de Joe Miller, KJ8O



In the past these little wide-band receivers have not been good at
receiving medium wave signals. I owned one of these tiny ICOM
receivers and it did everything they advertised, just not very well.