New DX Central Video: Reviewing SDR recordings within SDR Console software

DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH)


Based on some recent conversations on social media, I put together a video on recording and then reviewing SDR (IQ) recordings using SDR Console software.  
Now, the reviewing part you can do in SDR Console even if you recorded using SDRSharp, HDSDR or SDRUno software.  Many DXers (myself included) find that SDR Console is far easier to navigate recorded SDR files than other software that is available.
In this video, I walk through:
 - How to use SDR Console to actually record the entire or a portion of the AM or FM bands for later review
 - How to review an existing recording of the AM or FM band within SDR Console
 - Some tips and tricks for pulling out IDs and audio - especially for MW DX using sideband and binaural modes
 - Using SDR Console to record audio or video airchecks of IDs/programming WITHOUT needing to use any external programs (such as Audacity, etc.)

Also, I cover my method for reviewing multiple files that I have found is the quickest and easiest way to stay motivated and pulling out elusive DX!

Check it out over on the YouTube channel:

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