Lithium Rechargeable Batteries -or- "This thing feel cheap!"


Hi all,

I do not have a lot of radios with Lithium batteries, but an observation I made when I received my new D-808 was one about the weight of a radio.

I did not realize this, but the weight of a radio gave me the perception that the radio was "really nice", "robust" or "really good quality".

But it dawned on me that the weight (or "quality" in my case!) is largely due to the batteries inside, LOL!

The D-808 is VERY light and at first I thought, "hmmm, this thing is kind of cheap feeling", but then I realized that the battery that comes with the D-808 is WAY lighter than the 4-6 Ni-Mh batteries that are in my other radios!

Thus the concept of quality for me is sort of "out the window"...  Just an observation.  :)