[irca] WSM 650 on Reduced Power Until 6 PM CST--Sunset DX Opportunity

Les Rayburn

Raced home from work at about 4:15 PM Central time. I had one last errand to run, but I thought, “I’ll try the car radio.” 

I tuned to 650 kHz and could hear a weak station—no trace of WSM. 

As I strained to listen, I got a phone call from a DX friend on the West Coast. Thinking it must be important, I answered the call. He had “two quick technical questions” he wanted to discuss. This turned into an hour-long conversation. 

Finally cut him off, explaining that WSM was off the air and I needed to get on the radio, and try to hear something new. When I turned on the dial, WSM was back on early at full power before 5 PM. 

At this point, I need Tequila and a new hobby. I think stamp collecting might be a good fit. 

Word to the wise, if KXL or KSL ever goes off the air for maintenance, I plan to call every DXer on the West Coast to discuss the college football playoffs. Something no one in the Pac 12 is ever interested in. 


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On Dec 6, 2022, at 4:26 PM, DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH) <w4lvhsc@...> wrote:

WSM confirmed for us on Twitter that the maintenance work is complete, so no dice on an open freq this grayline
73 and best of DX!

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