[irca] Getting ready to chase transpolar DX

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I should add, i'll DX just do it at night.. its more tolerable for me to be out at 1030 at night dxing then 530 in the morning.    Starting in october, ill do mornings only and will stay that way till it gets dark enough early enough sometime in november for me to do both morning and evening dx (its dark by 4pm here in December, we lost 3 total hours of daylight a month, about 90 minutes of sunrise and 90 minutes of sunset)

On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 9:22 AM Paul B. Walker, Jr. via groups.io <walkerbroadcasting=gmail.com@groups.io> wrote:
A few quick tests have showed me that I should wait till early October to start early morning Dxing because A.) It's too damn early to be getting up before the sun rises this month B.) Two brief tests showed nothing out of the ordinary in the way of tp signals, with just the usual Asians, albeit fairly well.

I've got two FSL antennas, two CCrane Skywaves, and 2 XHDATA808's, plenty of batteries, plenty of hand warmers, and cables.. plus just about anything else i'd need

Paul Walker just east of gods creation nowhere aka McGrath, Alaska