Hello : )....Now CONGRATS to Paul Logan!!!.....on STATION # 300!!!

robert ross

At 12:23 AM 3/29/2008, you wrote:

Hi all,

great to read all the posts here and see the UL sensation going global!.

Well, 2/3 of the way into my 30 day challenge in the style of Rob Ross and
I've hit 300 loggings. Im in love with the SRF 59!

Great Paul!!!!.....I knew you could do it!!! Congratulations on Logging 300
Stations in 30 Days...or less!!! Now...You have to move on to 400!!! I am
hovering around 450 right now....and It's starting to get a little tougher
to bag new ones. Also conditions and Daylight Hours have changed
somewhat.....making things a little tricky!! However...you have a lot of
BIG Stations over in Europe...so I'm sure you'll do fine on your way to 400
and beyond. I know how much work it was to log those 300 in 30 days....so I
am very appreciative of the feat you have accomplished....BRAVO PAUL!!!!
Keep us apprised of how you doing on the upward climb ...OK Paul??

regards to all - and thanks for the space to share the fun

We're glad to have you in the space Paul........this is a great offshoot to
our BCB Listening hobby...and those who aren't trying it...are surely
missing some great fun!!! And....that's what this is all about....having
fun!! Logging a pile of stations is the BONUS to having all the fun!!

Paul...what was Station # 300??? Just curious where it was located...and
how much power??


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