Grayland Saturday AM: Good but short!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Well, I THOUGHT that I set my alarm for 3:30AM! As I faded into sleep on Friday evening I thought "I should check that alarm again.... NAW, how paranoid can you get, anyway?" So I rolled over and dropped into sleep, not realizing that I'd set the alarm time but not pulled the plunger out! Happily, I've gotten up at first light for so many years that I popped awake at 4:40AM (1140 UTC.) In less that 5 minutes, I had coffee in my hand, clothes on my back and earphones on my head! With dawn at 1215, I'd lost a good hour of DXing, but saved the finest hour of dawn enhancement at the coast! DARN IT!!!

Still, I was very grateful to be awake at all and the conditions, though rather mediocre again, allowed me some nice catches, most on both my WinRadio 313e and the Ultralight E100. With only an hour, I had no free time to experiment with other antennas or other Ultralight radios. It was off to the races!

Both New Zealand and Australia were in and I managed to add 1035 Newstalk ZB, Wellington; 648, probably NZ's Rhema in Gisbourne and 792 4RN, Radio National Brisbane to the Ultralight log. I also added two new countries to my Ultralight log: 1566 HLAZ, Cheju Island, South Korea and 639 Radio Fiji 1 for a Country First. They were running their usual Sunday choir singing hymns in Fijian. If you haven't heard Polynesian/Melanesian choirs doing hymns, you've missed one of life's real pleasures.... GREAT music. I just quit and listened for more than ten minutes as the band faded out.

I heard one other NewsTalk ZB (New Plymouth on 1053) on the 313e, but it was too weak for the E100. Also at the very bitter end, I managed to catch KUMU, Honolulu on 1500 as it faded out (local commercials) also too weak for the E100..

So, it was a very short and fast morning, but still great fun, thanks to Ultralighting..... and the Fijian National Choir. Guy Atkins and Gary DeBock are joining me after lunch today for the last night of the DXpedition. With them arriving, I think that I'll stick close to the motel and zap this report on Sunday, when I get home. Tonight, I'm going to be VERY paranoid about that alarm clock, too!!!

John B.
Grayland, Washington
WinRadio 313E, Various Ultralight Radios. Wellbrook Phased Array antenna