Grayland Mini-DXpedition

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Sorry about the earlier blank message--  I tried to forward my original IRCA list post to the Yahoo Ultralightdx group site, which obviously didn't work.
     For those not subscribing to the IRCA list, a one-night DXpedition was made to Grayland, WA (about 2 hours driving time from here), primarily to test out the growing collection of hot-rodded Ultralight radios with 7", 14" and 20" loopstick transplants.  The idea was to have a "shootout" between the 14" and 20" SRF-39FP units, and a newly-created 19.5" ICF-2010 monster.. for ultimate sensitivity honors..
     The DX conditions were so good, however, that the stock SRF-T615 was used to make reception of eight TP's (JOAK-594, JOAB-693, JOIB-747, JOUB-774, JOBB-828, HLCA-972, HLAZ-1566, and VOA-1575 (Thailand).  But the best was yet to come.
     Around local sunrise (1305 UTC), things were quieting down, and it looked like the fun was over.  Then the monster 2010 started receiving weak audio from the South Pacific on 531, one of the "Aussie frequencies" that I had been instructed to monitor by experienced "Down Under" DXers.  The 531 signal, with music only, became stronger and stronger, until even the Sony SRF-T615 ultralight radio could receive it (weakly).  Unfortunately, there was no ID heard, so I could not claim a reception.  The signal, definitely coming from the South Pacific (due to loopstick bearing)  soon faded out, as did another Australian station with weak audio, 4QR-612, heard only on the monster 2010. On the IRCA list, various DXers have discussed what the 531 Aussie presumably was, but to me it's just an unID Australian, and a future target.
     The 14" and 20" loopstick-enabled SRF-39FP radios do have a sensitivity edge over the monster 2010, but without SSB capability to check carriers (and without digital readout to confirm a 531 frequency rather than a domestic 530 frequency), they were not used in this situation.  Anyway, the DXpedition as a whole was great fun, and hopefully more of you living near the coasts will try your DX luck overnight by the ocean! 
                                                                              73 and Good DX,
                                                                              Gary DeBock   .

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