ETON E100...Not The E-1!!!

robert ross

At 09:07 PM 3/28/2008, you wrote:

Hey, Rob.... oh ye of many superb receivers...

I think that you were DXing on your new Eton e100 ultralight, not your big
bulky-but-wonderful Eton E1 "porta-top receiver" as you stated. This
error indicates many things:

1. It is possible to have too many receivers (no! no! it ain't so!)
2. Eton should do a better job of selecting model numbers.... an E1 and an
E100 are very different radios, but easily confused model numbers.
3. Since I'm older than you, Rob, I can promise you that the confusion
only increases with age.

(uhhhh, you did mean the e-100, right :>)

Yeah looks like I'm well on my way to Senility!!!! You're was the E-100 Model. Guess I'm now sentenced to 30 Days with
only my PRISON ULR to listen to eh?????

Ha.........and I even Proof read that message!!! AHHAHAHHA...


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