DX Central's MW Frequency Challenge - 2022-23 Season - Week 19: 558/560 & 1566-1575 kHz

DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH)

MW Frequency Challenge - Week 19 (558/560 & 1566-1575)

Blog post is up with the results from week 17 and the new Google form for week 19!

A little different this week in our approach with both low and high end of the band represented.

I am working to make sure we get the rest of the MW freqs covered that haven't been touched yet in season 1 or 2 of the MWFC, before we end this season (this challenge season wraps up with our last DX Central Live! for Season 3 on May 5th).

Good luck!

73 and best of DX,

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