DX Central's MW Frequency Challenge - 2022-23 Season - Week 13: 940-981 kHz

DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH)


Blog post is up with:
 - The results video from Week 12 (576-600 kHz)
 - Link to the raw data from Week 12
 - Link to this week's Google Form for Week 13 (940-981 kHz)
A few shoutouts as well:
 - Our friend Justin Wolffing  in Minnesota is planning on doing a live AM DX livestream tomorrow night.  Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and click the bell icon so you can be notified if/when he goes live! (I think he usually starts around 8:45 CST)
 - Congrats to Tom Laskowski in Indiana for taking the top dog in our Inaugural Daytime MW Challenge with 126 daytime loggings from the past 2 weeks!  I will be doing a deeper dive into the numbers from that challenge and releasing them next week.
 - Don't forget about our TIS/HAR Challenge!  Categories for home and rover DX to log as many TIS/HAR stations as you can!  This challenge will continue through to the spring, but this is a great time to hear distant TIS stations while the summer static and lightning crashes are minimal!  Full challenge details at https://www.dxcentralonline.com/tisharchallenge  

73 and best of DX,

Loyd Van Horn
W4LVH - Mandeville, LA
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