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The WENR 1090 kHz DX Test scheduled for this Saturday, February 27th is postponed. 

While this is disappointing to the DX community, there is a silver lining. Station owner Michael Beverly and Chief Engineer George Hudson will be installing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the transmitter PC later this week and testing it in the coming days. This will enable the transmitter to be switched remotely and provide an opportunity for a “traditional” DX Test that will begin at midnight in the near future. 

The later start time will increase the number of DX’ers who may be able to log the station during the test. We will announce a new test date in the near future. 

WENR normally runs a classic rock and roll format that is simulcast with their 250 watt FM translator, W285CG. They identify the station using the FM branding, 104.9, “The Mountain.” It transmits during daytime hours on a 1,000 watt signal with good coverage into one of East Tennessee’s mid-sized market of Athens. 


George Hudson continues with his incredible generosity towards the hobby. While he was excited to provide a “Daytime DX Test”, he continued to look for options that would allow for more DX’ers to hear WENR. A special thank you to George for all he’s done for us this season. 

Also, the station owner Michael Beverly who agreed to the test and has arranged to install the VPN quickly. 

Phil Bytheway of the International Radio Club of America who started all this rolling by reaching out to George Hudson months ago. In recent weeks, we’ve heard from other members who also have contacts in the broadcast industry and are helping the CPC to arrange future tests. Cannot thank our ‘rank & file’ members enough. 

Paul Walker of the CPC also contributed to this situation, with his knowledge of FM translator operations and remote switching. This points out the value of having a true “committee” again. Each member brings talent and experience that contributes to our overall success. 

Stay tuned for an announcement soon on the new test date. 


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