Anybody get a new radio recently?

Mark <metagenetics@...>

Although not an UL, I've got a Tecsun R9700DX on its way to me. I've liked this radio for a while so looking forward to it arriving. It will also be the first Tecsun radio I've owned. 

Still using my R-108, Retekess v117 analogue, (very occasionally the v115, not a huge fan) and little Sony SRF-59 late at night in the Ultralight category.. I don't feel I need another UL just now.



The Skywave is one of the newest. Nice! Fun to use. The 380 is super on am. I love it.
The good old Grundig has been used every night for years. Easy to switch bands etc in the dark Still works great.


I've been using the PL-330 a lot lately primarily for its small size and incredible battery life compared with my other rechargeable radios. My "reference" portables remain the RF-2200, CC-2E/CC-3, EP-Pro for its wideband AM audio, ATS-909X2 and GE SR's. I could go on....



As most of you know, my latest love is still the PL-368, perhaps because I’m primarily listening to shortwave and it’s the best I’ve had so far. I bought an XHDATA D-808 last week but sold it this morning! I sold the PL-330 a week or two back, and although the ‘innards’ are supposed to be the same, I find the PL-368 better. I’ve started to play with the Roberts R-861 (Sangean 909) and really like it, but clearly it’s NOT ultralight! Another I bought last week was another heavyweight the Roberts R-827 which I suspect was also made by Sangean but can’t find any background on? I am keeping the Etón E5 which I still love, but going back to it after using the PL-368 I find it odd not having a detented tuning knob. Again, the PL-368 beats it on clarity on shortwave, although sensitivity wise I’ve so far found them equal. The small rotatable antenna that comes with it is great fun to play with, reminding me of my Panasonic RF-2200 although that beastie is clearly superior. If you ever get a chance to buy a Panasonic RF-B11 cheaply, it’s fantastic on medium wave, but it’s unfortunately analogue and just outside the ultralight category. My opinions only of course. 



Still using my Radiowow R-108 in the ultralight category. I find this to be the best of the bunch I have. My PL-380 finally gave up because the buttons wouldn't work anymore. My Eton Traveller III gave up too. The display got so dim I couldn't see it.
I still have a C.Crane Skywave, Sony SRF-59, Sony ICF-S10MK2 in reserve for ultralights.
C.Crane CCRadio-EP Pro, Tecsun PL-880, Sangean ATS-909X, and PL-600 round out the bigger portables. The EP Radio Pro is a monster with its 8 inch twin coil ferrite. The ATS-909X is my favorite radio.
I'm a long time ham but haven't been on the air for a number of years. I just bought an Icom IC-718 transceiver a month ago, basically for SWLing and MW DXing. It has a fabulous, sensitive receiver and works well with a loop on ground antenna. I use that here because of high noise environment. The radio was cheap too, only about $540 US on sale.



Yes, I discovered my old GRUNDIG Ocean Boy 340 again on the attic.
Just chasing the spiders out of it. 

Wolfgang von Poellnitz

This I can only confirm as I got a year ago a new unused PLL version of DE1103. This I can compare here to the various Tecsun and Sangean. My very recent addition to the line was a new PL-680 of Tecsun. First one was defect (!!), second by far not in the range of the DE1103 or the other Tecsuns or Sangeans.

73 Wolfgang in Austria

Ola Fredriksson

Not a new one and not a regular ultralight but got a preowned Degen 1103. Very happy with it. Compared it to my bigger Tecsun 8800 on mediumwave and no doubt that Degen 1103 is a very sensitive DX machine

73 Ola in Sweden 

Paul R. Stoetzer

Just got an HRD-747 in today's mail (took about 3 weeks via AliExpress to get to the East Coast of the United States). Impressive so far for what it is. It does seem to overload with MW station images appearing in the SW band when plugged into the MLA-30+ on my balcony, but I plan to use it while walking around with the whip antenna anyway. Neat to have so many bands available in such a small form factor, even if the UI is a bit clunky.


Paul, N8HM

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I did but not an Ultralight...

Paul Blundell

I did but not an Ultralight...


New radios/gear are fun...

Anybody get any new gear to report on recently?

I picked up some little lazy-susans recently so that my radios can be easily rotated.