ANNOUNCEMENT: Update to DX Central Live! start time for DST and end of Season 2 is coming!

DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH)


Two important announcements for our DX Central Live! livestreams on YouTube each Sunday night:
  1. With the change to Daylight Savings Time, we are keeping the livestream start time at 1945 CDT which is now 0045 UTC.
  2. Season 2 of DXC Live! will be ending on April 30th, so that means counting tonight there are only 8 episodes left.  We will also wrap the MW Frequency Challenge for Season 2 at that time.
I am already mapping out plans for Season 3 and hopefully, since I shouldn't be moving again right at the start of MW DX season, we can start a bit earlier than this past year like I had planned. 

I wanted to take a second as well to thank everyone for their amazing support this year of DX Central Live!  Seeing all the folks participating in our weekly frequency challenges; seeing the excitement as people added new stations/states/countries to their logbook after deep diving into a frequency they hadn't spent much time with in the past; it has been exceedingly humbling and heartwarming the response that you all have given us this year.  

See you on the stream tonight: 

73 and best of DX,

Loyd Van Horn
W4LVH - Mandeville, LA
Member:  IRCA/NRC Courtesy Program Committee (CPC)
Founder: DX Central - Because we're all about radio
Twitter:  @DXCentral

James Rohrer


FYI, your classification of DXers showed me the Casual Logger category, which fits me to a T. This was an affirming insight. I like adding new stations to my list but do not want to work at it too hard. My favorite finds are classic oldies programs so I will stop on those and listen.

If I hear a lot of static on a frequency. I move on to the next station instead of trying to fine tune. At this point, my log has over fifty stations on it. not bad for a Casual Logger who only started a couple of weeks ago.

My new radio is a Small Portable, not an Ultralite. It is a Sangean ATS-405.