AM DX Audio From Alaska

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

Here's a few logs and clips from Just East Of The Ass end Of Gods Creation Nowhere aka McGrath, Alaska using a CC Skywave and Debock 5" FSL Antenna

"Magic Talk", 1107kHz  Tauranga, NZ at 1525UTC on Fri. Oct1st. Heard on and off for 2 hours, but the absolute clearest and best signal came at 1525UTC during Toto's Africa which is in this audio clip and gets REAL clear at about 1 minute 5 seconds into the clip. Audio:  Distance: 7130 miles.

4TAB 1008kHz Brisbane, QLD, Aus at 1511UTC on Sat. Oct 2nd with live horse racing action.  The audio gets real good right after the start of the recording. Audio:  Distance: 6850 miles

A3Z 1017kHz Nuku'alofa, Tonga at 1531UTC on Fri October 1st with female talking in english and Tongan at some special event live broadcast.  Audio: Distance: 5910 miles 

4RN 792kHz Brisbane, QLD, Aus at 1519UTC on Fri Oct 1, 2021 with some american radio show, featured american accents.  Audio: Distance: 6850 miles

DWNX 1611kHz Mialor, Philippines at 1412UTC on Mon Sept 27, 2021 with bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of The Heart" and some Filipino language commercials.   Audio:  Distance: 5110 miles 

2KP 684kHz Kempsey, NSW, Aus between 1500 and 1600UTC on Sat. Oct 2nd, 2021 with several fade ups, including some Aussie accented english and a song during. There are three 684's in Australia but all were running separate programming at the time and I was able to match what I had to the ABC Mid North Coast webstream, which was running "Nights with Indira Naidoo". Audio clip #1 (with speech):  Audio clip #2(with music): Distance: 7090 miles

CNR1 945kHz Jiaohe, China at 1400 to 1500UTC on Wed. Sept 29, 2021 with a massively clean, clear, strong signal carrying basketball play by play in Chinese. Signal was so good, I widened audio to 3kHz and could hear the shoes squeaking as players went up the court! Audio clip #1:  Audio clip #2: 2WHfgJG Distance: "only" 3100 miles.

"Star" 657Khz New Zealand at 1400 to 1530UTC on Mon Sept 20, 2021. Heard with several fade ups including the best one at 1412UTC with a song and some english chatter.  Audio:  Distance: "could be 7130 miles"  Not known exactly which transmitter I heard, as two exist, Wellington and Tauranga but based upon reception behavior the fact I hear Magic on 1107 from Tauranga regularly, I'm "going with" that transmitter though I have heard ZB on 1035kHz from Wellington, just not very often. 

Radio Kerman 1062kHz Kerman, Iran at 1506UTC on Mon Sept 20, 2021  Heard with a language I didnt initially recognize in the beginning and U had to run back in to use the "Facilities" so I left it recording.  Came back out a few minutes later and the signal was gone. Upon review inside in the warm comforts of my apartment, and thanks to a RealDX member, we heard a reference to Iran and caught that this was Arabic language being spoken. 1062 here is usually Turkey  Audio:  Distance: 5750 miles