DX Central's MW Frequency Challenge - 2022-23 Season - Week 15: 1089-1143 kHz

DX Central - Loyd Van Horn (W4LVH)


A few changes in format this week to our usual MW Frequency Challenge Posts.  Still putting everything in the blog posts, to give everyone a single point of reference to go to when they need the Google Form, etc.  But we are adding a new element to the weekly results recap!

Blog Post: https://www.dxcentralonline.com/post/mw-frequency-challenge-week-13-results-and-week-15-announcement-1089-1143-khz

In addition to the usual highlight video, we are now publishing a Google Site with all of the data analysis built-in!  The link for this each week will be in the blog post.  I am going to go back and create one for all previous weeks as well as create a comprehensive "Season 2" page that has stats for the whole season (which should update whenever I add new data each week).  It will also have links to all of the individual weeks from that one page for those that want to dive deeper into individual frequency ranges.

My hope is that this gives more benefit to the community by providing more insight into what can be heard on each frequency (or range of them) and help give them a research tool to use in adding more DX to the logbook!

This week's new frequencies for Week 15 are 1089-1143....some good stuff in here including some tasty targets for Latin American DX.  With the recent spate of good Latin American DX conditions, hopefully the stars will align for some great DX this week!

Good luck!

73 and best of DX,

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