LW stations in THS : full report

Peter 1956 <pe1etr@...>

Polskie Radio is on 225kHz not 224kHz.
It is receivable  here in England on a portable.

Zacharias Liangas

This list shows all AM mode radio stations received in Thessaloniki Greece with some program Usage: R75 with 2x16m , mountain point.

Full listing with all logs (MW LW SW and utes in separate boxes ): https://zliangaslogs.wordpress.com/2022/11/01/ths-logs-for-oct-28-29/

153 R Antenna Satelor 1900 with ID then traditional songs S1
171 Medi 1 with YL at 1902 with news. Then with world news S2
224 Polskie radio Program Pinshe?? 1904 then advert  ‘media expert’ ending with short jingle 1906 song 'one .. in the heart" S3
252 Chaine 3 Algerie   1907  with French program ‘Soney lang in emission’ caminio bay be S5
Many other semidigital signals  are received in the band having the format of carrier with short digital burst in USB part One of the strongest is on 315

After one hour:
198  BBC 2030 quite fast English talks Poor signal <1  There are strong carriers nearby making reception very dificult 
234 RTL  2031 with talks in French S2 max