A few MW logs on 17-9

Zacharias Liangas

A few MW logs via  bandung
540 RRI 4*with Jawa pop song a 1140 ID at RRI Bandung  Reference to a doctor seems related in psychological subjects  -65dbm signal with 4.7kHZ wide audio Many times mentioning ‘whining’ 
610  Voice of HO Chin Minh  1152 with traditional songs talks  in viet or posss Hmer Just -100 dbm
1458 R Fajri* with imam preaching at 1155. Some  background noise esp in the lower part of the band
1467 Radio Tarbiyah Sunnah* at 1158 this station has a buzzer of 2 kHz in the LSB part . mixed psalms and talks mentioning also Ibrahim New psalms after 120030
1116 R Barani* (=brave )1102 man with sialmic talks mixed with traditional Sunda music. several ID suara Pendidikan Berani

*As noted in mwlist  it s quite interesting that religious stations are mostly found in the upper part of the band