France Inter on 162 kHz


All MW and LW French is long gone - except for RTL on 234kHz (not 24/7), and Algeria (co-channel with  Irish RTÉ ) on 252kHz.
The old France Inter frequency of 162kHz only broadcasts a data  subcarrier (akin to the subcarier on 198kHz Radio 4).
If you have SSB or synchronous detection, you can hear the subcarrier "warble".


On 16/09/2022 17:08, Mark Roberts wrote:

I'm currently on vacation in France for the first time in four years and brought along my Sangean made Roberts 925 radio for longwave reception. In the past I've been able to get France Inter on 162 with no problem in France (and even as far as Leiden, NL). But now I just seem to get silent carrier. Anyone know if this is just being kept on the air for time signals? I've been mostly in the Massif Central this time..., Clermont-Ferrand, Millau, other places. 

The radio itself seems fine...picked up BBC Radio 4 on 198 in the southeast Netherlands with no problem at all. 

It also appears that the big France Info transmitter on 630 kHz from Lyon is gone. I'll be back in Lyon next week so will try to figure out more then. 

Thanks for any insight you can provide!