Alaska AM DX Sept 13th

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

Well, asians were abound.. and loud and clear all over the band, including some on the lower part of the band and plenty of smaller guns.

But none of the Aus/NZ or transpolar stuff I'm really after, not even a hint.. so I didn't spend much time outside.  Sometimes the Asian stuff is SO STRONG, like today, that even when I am pointing my antenna north instead of west I'll get some decent asian signals, still.

Sometimes if the weather is halfway tolerable, I'll stop and listen to the asians if there's stuff there i like.... like some of the lower powered Japanese running all night nippon or whatever their overnight laughtrack is.

but, it was sprinkling rain, so i scanned the dial twice, kinda quick.....  and went back inside to do some work.     There's certain "bellweather" Aus/NZ and transpolar signals i look for and if I don't hear them, I don't waste much time.. because of today FM 1107khz, 4QD 1548 or Vesti 1413kHz dont show up, im not likely to hear anything else i want.

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