Is anybody still using an analogue scale radio?


The title says it all, with the emphasis on scale.


Wow, that's a house-full Larry!

Paul S. in CT

I use a Tecsun r-911 and r9012 on a daily basis. Battery life is phenominal on these two.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl


Still occasionally using a Sony ICF-S10MK2.

On the larger side, I have a Panasonic RF-2200.

I think all the rest is digital.

Bill, WE7W near Rochester, NY


Yes, I still use my Grundig Satellit 3000 (analogue scale plus red LED digital frequency counter).
Not an ultralight receiver in any way ...


Absolutely yes. I still love my RF-2200, the GE Superadios (all three of them), the CC-EP and EP-Pro, along with many vintage Zeniths, Sonys and them all!



Phil Pasteur

+1 on all of these:
"he GE Superadios (all three of them), the CC-EP and EP-Pro, "
I even drag out my old Radio Shack DX160 and play with it occasionally... Talk about a tuning adventure :)

Tom G.

I use three

Kaito WRX911
Sony SRF-39

GE Superadio II


Apologies for delay in catching up - unforeseen circumstances. Firstly, I realise now, I wasn't sufficiently specific in my question, I should have clarified it with the caveat 'lightweight or less'. However, it certainly brought some interesting beasties into the light of day! A lot of receivers mentioned I'd never heard of, as I'm fairly new to this 'game'. I do have a working RF-2200 that gets an airing occasionally, but the only true ultralight radio I use is the Tecsun PL-368. My favourite small radio although not ultralight, is my recently acquired Etón G3 which has superceded my previous favourite the Etón E5. But this is getting away from my original post which I only asked because another radio I really love using is my Panasonic RF-B11, which is an analogue scale job. One of these days I'll take the back off and see how long the ferrite is. But every time I use it it surprises me. 

Sorry for the confusion but I enjoyed reading the replies anyway!