Greek music refuge : the first greek program by a non Greek! via R Angela

Zacharias Liangas

R Angela WBCQ 5130kHz   has been received in various outlets  today Jun2 starting via Twente with poor signal – as tested in my smartphone  then in Michel few Chaints Canada  Vermont USA and finally East Falmouth with S10+ signal with real QRN and strong selective fading starting from 0210 on the program Orwellian Airwaves With Lainie Petersen

Greek music refuge started on 0230 with a instrumental buzuki play , minimal talks by Bill Tillford airing 7 songs in total mixing eras of all times

Interesting but short timed program .Hope trat someone can sponsor this program soon and enlarge  its duration

Kudos to Bill for his endavour

Zacharias Liangas
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