Useful new entries from radio groups

Zacharias Liangas

All the below are some news entries as fond in two radio email groups

BBC is on 15735 kHz at 14:45 UTC since yesterday
VoGreece will close soon supposedly on end of February though  seen a few days being off
1300-1400 on  9290 Overcomer, new program
R Ukraine international 1200-1230 UTC on 5010 kHz via WRMI
Ukranie on MW is back on 549kHz MW
Armiya FM Ukraine  is again on 810 available only in the red Sea and in middle Europe , except in ionospheric cases
Welat is also on 15285  (07-14) 9480 (14-17) 9550 (17-19)  6180(19-21) and 5945 (22-24) in parallel to 11540 and 9525 (the main frequencies )

Hope it helps