PL365 v PL368

Paul Blundell

Hi all.

From a DXing perspective, any advantage of one against the other?

I am looking at these as the base to use for some experiments on various external aerials and testing some ideas and theories I have.


Ron Layton <micron327@...>

Hi Paul
As far as the 368, it beats the 365 hands down. Better selectivity and sensitivity in my opinion and the battery lasts much longer. Of course the improved keypad is a huge difference. Some folks complain about the sync function but I use it quite a bit. Its something you have to get used to and in some cases it doesn't make for good listening. It depends on conditions and QRM on certain stations. By the way, I have the County Comm version with the slightly longer stainless antenna.I use several different antennas with my 368 such as different wire and loop models as well as my collection of inductive loops such as the Super Select-A-Tenna and the regular Select-A-Tenna. I recently sold the 365 with a few other radios I was selling to make room in my tiny shack.