Vintage Sangean SR radios

dwight richardson

Hi group. 

I am a domestic MW fan since I live 300 miles inland. Have a Sony 29/ 39/ 49 trio and a home brew loop antenna. Spot with a Sangean DT-110 and DT-500.  Lots of fun on long winter nights as you know.

But my interest right now are the small Sangean analog radios. Does anyone in the group have Sangean SR-1, SR-2 or SR-3 radios they are willing to part with? The current model is SR-32. But hard to find as well. Anyone?

There are a couple of SR-1 units on eBay for $100 plus shipping. But I just can’t justify in my mind.  

So just let me know at:


I use money orders or PayPal 

Bob Richardson