Sangean SR-500W DSP tuning

dwight richardson

If you are not familiar with the Sangean SR-500W, I imagine you are not alone. Unique mw/ fm/ wx radio already discontinued. It has some quirks. But it does have DSP tuning. Definitely below ultralight size. Bought mine for $15 NEW on eBay. That was about a year ago. Right now some are listed for $20/ obo. When used with my loop antenna it is not bad. Right now I’m monitoring WCCO 830 in Twin Cities from Tuscaloosa, AL using Dt-500.  Listened in to 740 Zoomer radio in Toronto earlier.  I’m thinking it may have that Si chip ?  BTW my loop is 12 inch “X” with 25 turns of 18 ga insulated stranded. But I did spring for a good air capacitor. So , check it out. $15 - 20 for new DSP unit might be a deal. 
Bob Richardson