HLCA 972 Vs KFBX 970 With 2 FSL's

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

With two FSLs, you can do some real good nulling.. if takes a little bit of experimenting, patience along with trial and error.

KFBX is on 970khz about 250 miles NE of me with 10kw Non Directional full time. It can put a very respectable signal into McGrath.
HLCA is on 972kHz over 3000 miles away from me with 1.5 megawatts day and 750Kw night from a 2 tower array.

One or the other can cause a serious, loud het on the other or the audio can bleed over depending on how wide the radios audio bandwith is set to.

Heres two examples of me nulling out KFBX's het and any audio to clean up HLCA. In both clips, you'll hear a jumped whining hetty mess and then you can tell I begin live tuning to bring in HLCA.  At the end I do the reverse and tune HLCA out so you can see its really working and being done.

Audio #2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H4bVETl5wJVgxNXDmM3ZO9_ALeXR6gJ-/view?usp=sharing  (tuning OUT HLCA is VERY evident at the end of this file!)

using a CCrane Skywave non ssb model

Jorge Garzón

Well done Paul! The best technique is that, phasing, enhancing or nulling. Not just reserved to big antenna arrays or huge loops, but also with inducted signals. Thanks for bringing it here.