"Odd" AM DX Behavior In Alaska Tue Nov 9

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I had Kuwait on 1548 well in very short spurts early (between 1610 and 1620UTC), Iran in very well in slightly longer sup[orts between 1625 and 1730UTC.  1512 IRan was barely audible in between receptions of 1449. 1413 Moldova was audible very well in short spurts near the end of the morning after 1720UTC

Kuwait wasnt really audible after the times noted above.  1512 Iran was only audible that once.

Usually, if I hear something.. usually, not always it's audible on and off most of the morning. Like once I start hearing Kuwait, it doesnt necessarily go away till right before sunrise.  1413 being the latest isnt odd, but it's usually audible, better earlier than this.  Most of my enhancement comes in at the same time. 

There was NOTHING below 1400!  I might've had a carrier from Saudi on 1260.  I also think i had Saudi on 1440 but with piss poor modulation.

I had definite enhancement today but confined to the 1400 to 1560 portion of the band and not all the the same time, which is unusual