Alaska AM DX Sun. Oct 24

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

Asians Asians Asians Asians and more Asians, including some not usually heard here or heard well.

945 and 981 CNR1 were the usual paint peelers. Also had CNR1 on 1251 from Harbin.

1206 Yanbian can be hit or miss but was pretty strong today. Started recording, ran inside to use the facilities... did a bit of work, came back 14 minutes later and the signal was still there. 

The lower end of the band was better then usual with a good visit from the Norkies on 873.

I also had KBS on 864 and 558.... 558 is rare here as I recall, 864 isnt too rare but not a frequent visitor/very good.

I had a 603khz playing music I wasnt able to ID yet

1287 JOHR Saporro, Japoan was fairly good, as usual, but 1440 JOWF Saporro wasnt

It seemed above 1300khz ish the band wasnt as good but I cant say why.  Alot of the higher powered stuff is lower down.  But some of the lower powered Japanese stuff and even some of the higher powered China stuff above 1300 wasnt that great today.   If 1287 Saporro is in good, 1440 JOWF usually is... but it wasnt today.