Alaska AM DX Audio Oct 21

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

It was an all Asian morning and pretty decent at that!  CC Skywave & 5" DeBock FSL Antenna

567kHz JOIK Sapporo, Japan at 1615UTC on Thu. Oct 21 with woman talking. Fair to good signal. Not often heard here.  100kw at 2810 miles. Audio:

873kHz KCBS Sinuiju, North Korea at 1633UTC on Thu. Oct 21 with instrumental North Korean music, signal held out pretty decently for over 6 minutes. 250KW 3500 miles  Audio:

909kHz JOVX Abishiri, Japan at 1622UTC on Thu Oct 21 with "All Night Nippon, heard the same program feed on JOLF 1242. Decent signal. 5KW  2699 miles.  Audio:

981kHz CNR1 Changchun, China at 1600UTC on with station ID. Darn good signal. 200KW 3262 miles. Audio:

1341kHz CRI Haudu, China at 1628UTC on Thu. Oct 21st with male and female talking. Not a bad signal at all. 300KW at 3751 miles. Audio: