1017 UNID

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

Reception was REAL weird today (Wed Feb 24th) in McGrath, AK before sunrise.  Things have started to rebound after a solar flare, but today even the big guns on 945 and 981 from China were noisy/weak.

But I had this ... on 1017. It sounds very middle eastern-y to me and looking on MWList seems like IRIB .. but thats only 100kw

I warn you the signals arent great and get noisy and fade completely out at times but i left the recordings mainly intact instead of chopping them into 4 or 5 sections each. Here's audio recordings made between 1625UTC and 1650UTC.

It seems ODD with even the big fun asian's kinda weak and noisy with no other trans-polar/transpacific signals, that the lone one I get is a mere 100kw from Iran.. ntoe ven the 500kw 1413 from Moldova was present