IRCA TIS/HAR LIST (Summer 2020) now posted!!

Phil Bytheway <phil_tekno@...>

The IRCA TIS/HAR LIST lists all US and Canadian TIS/HAR stations, by frequency,
including call letters, state (province,) city, county, licensee, address,
coordinates, expiration date, sources and/or dates of DXM/DXN reports. It has been
updated with FCC data, DXM, DXN and DXer reports, and on-line listings through
June 27 2020.

The 2020 IRCA TIS/HAR LIST is posted on the IRCA website for all to download.
The link is:

Note: There appears to be some TIS/HAR activity ongoing at this time, stations
being shut down and new stations with health information. If you hear anything
that is not on our list, please report it to DXM.EiC@...

Feel free to pass this announcement on to other interested eGroups.

Phil Bytheway