Oklahoma TP DX 11-26-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

With HLAZ coming in well early, it seemed that it might be a good morning for TP DX but things went downhill afterward and was dead by sunrise.

594 JOAK barely audible at 1137.

774 JOUB fair with English lesson at 1016.  (Usually not heard after KSPI 780 sign-on at 1200.)

828 JOBB het (no audio) at 1022.

972 HLCA het with barely audible talking at 1013, not heard later.

1323 unID trace of a signal at 1133.

1566 HLAZ fair with the best signal of morning at 1007 fading away at 1052; barely audible briefly at 1250.

Receiver: Skywave with ALA1530LNP aerial.

Richard Allen, near. Perry OK USA.