927-AIR (India) Received During Hawaii DXpedition

Gary DeBock

     Long range Asian propagation was somewhat limited during the recent Hawaii DXpedition, but 927-AIR in Visakhapatnam, India (on the east coast) was received again during the recent trip.
     With multiple Asian co-channels on most AIR frequencies these India receptions are never easy, but by far the best way to track them down is to wait for the AIR network English News at 1530 UTC, during which most AIR frequencies switch over to English, read by a female speaker. Last year in Hawaii this trick resulted in AIR receptions on both 927 and 954, but the latter was continually plastered by JOKR and other co-channels this year. Even on 927 AIR runs the gauntlet of CNR6, NHK1 and Taiwan, so some luck is certainly helpful in tracking it down.
     This recording was made at 1533 UTC on November 5th, with AIR's female announcer in English peaking nicely around the 1 minute point, including mentions of "and Indian affairs" at 59 seconds, and "India's strongest export" at 1:03  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/s6489amur0evsa01jrgo7p2b1sr8d1jc
     Since west coast TP propagation is sometimes still in play around 1530 UTC, local DXers might have a chance at tracking down the AIR English News in the same way.

Gary DeBock (DXing with Craig Barnes and Chris Rogers in Poipu, Hawaii from November 2-8)
7.5" loopstick CC Skywave Ultralight and 5" Frequent Flyer FSL antenna (on a 5' PVC base)