Just bought a pristine Sangean ATS818


I stopped at a Church sale and saw a pristine Sangean 818 for sale with manual but no power supply.
The unit had no batteries, so one of the sellers and  I looked through a box of wallwarts and found a usable unit.
Or so we thought, nothing we did got the radio to power up, I looked it over thinking there might be a lock switch but didn't see it.
The seller said he would take $1.00 and I could have the power supply also.
 I took it home started to install batteries to test it, it had one AA battery still stuck down in the holder, it was a bit corroded, but the
contact was not. I read the manual about installing batteries and it mentioned putting the lock switch on Lock before installing batteries.
 So I found the lock switch installed batteries, and it powers up and works fine.
  I needed a new radio, the hurricane caused a power surge and ruined my ATS803A.
Just wanted to brag, I bought a nice radio for $1.00 :-) although not an ultralight.

Dan Merta

That's great! Always good to snap up radios when they can be found for a low price. 


Can't beat that deal. I once had one of those and it was a very solidi feeling radio.


Looks like a nice radio. Lots of buttons and knobs to twiddle.