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robert ross

Hello Terry:

   Thanks for your interest in our Ultralight DX Group. The YAHOO Group is now inactive and not being used since we transferred the group to…..

If you go to the groups.io website you can join the group there and we would be happy to have you in the group.

Yahoo groups has been having lots of problems for quite some time now, so we were forced to transfer everything over to groups.io where things run quite smoothly.

We wanted to Cancel the old YAHOO Group….but the previous owner passed away quite some time ago, and he held the Ownership of the Group, and the remaining Moderators (Myself included) were unable to erase the Old Group.

You’ll find all the Old Members from the YAHOO Group on the New groups.io Group.


Robert Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

UltralightDX Group Moderator



The following person would like to join the ultralightdx group:
Email address: lovedutchbicycles <terry@...>

Comment from user:
Hi, I heard about this group on SWLing.com. I'm a radio enthusiast and also a ham in Canada (VE3YHF). Thanks!