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Has anybody seen the Kaito KA268 AM/FM/SW receiver that's discounted on Amazon? It's described as a "12 Band World Receiver with AM/FM and 10 SW Bands 3.8 MHz - 22 MHz."

Here's a summary description of the KA268:
- Telescopic antenna is 28 inches (71 cm) long with 7 segments. The antenna is capable of rotating 360°.
- Radio has a "slide rule" dial (not digital).
- Right side of radio has a tuning knob (not a thumbwheel), a variable tone knob, and a variable volume knob (not digital).
- Left side of radio has an On/Off slide switch, a 3.5 mm headphone jack that delivers FM Stereo to the headphones/earbuds, and a DC In 6V jack (tip negative).
- There is a flip-out kickstand on the back of the radio, as well as a very small Time Zone map.
- Also on the back of the radio is a "Quick-Look" chart of the radio's frequency coverage:

FM: 88 - 108 MHz
AM: 520 - 1710 kHz
SW1: 3.80MHz - 4.10MHz 
SW2: 4.65MHz - 5.15MHz 
SW3: 5.85MHz - 6.40MHz 
SW4: 7.00MHz - 7.40MHz 
SW5: 9.30MHz - 10.00MHz 
SW6: 11.55MHz - 12.20MHz 
SW7: 13.50MHz - 13.90MHz 
SW8: 15.00MHZ - 15.70MHz 
SW9: 17.45 MHz - 18.10MHz 
SW10: 21.35MHz -22.00MHz

On the front of the radio in the upper left side of the radio's case are 3 LED indicators. These LEDs are labeled "FM", " AM", and "Tuning". The FM LED indicates that the radio is tuned to the FM Band. The AM LED indicates that the radio is tuned to the AM Band, and the Tuning LED serves as a signal strength indicator. The brighter the LED, the stronger the signal.

According to the Amazon review, the KA268 Noise Limited Sensitivity values are:

FM band < 10uV 
AM band < 1mV/m 
SW band < 30uV 

The KA268 has a front-firing speaker that is 57 mm (2.24 inches) in diameter.

Even though the radio has a 6V DC jack, a 6VDC "wall wart" does not come with the radio. The radio can be powered by 4 AA batteries, again not supplied with the radio. The literature I have seen does not indicate that the batteries may be charged inside the radio.

The KA268 is not a large radio. Again, according to Amazon, the radio's dimensions are 6 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/8 inches (17.145 x 11.43 x 2.858 cm) and weighs 11.9 ounces (337.36 grams).

Amazon is selling the KA268 for $19.95 with Prime 2-Day shipping. As Jerry Clower, famous Baptist comedian once said, this radio "'done flung a craving on me!!"

If anyone has experience with the KA268, please share with the group.

73 & Good DX,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI
Houston, TX

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I have one, and it seems to have lots of images all over the SW bands, and AM tunes very oddly with unexpected stations on the dial too. Mine is defective I would say. That does not mean they all are. It is far less expensive than the R-9700DX which I think is a very good radio for the money, but my KA268 is not worth its $20 price. - FARMERIK


Other than the the Kaito KA-268 isn't worth it almost at any price, it sounds like the front-end is being overloaded by strong or nearby "powerful" AM stations, among other strong possibilities.
The Tecsun unit referenced in the messages -- I thinks it's the R-97DX -- has received other "it's nothing real special, but it actually works pretty well..." responses in other Groups and online. It may well be much more worth its asking price on the likes of eBay (US and UK), and I think it was seen on (US) as well.

Might be nice to see a "head to head" compare of both KA-268 and the Tecsun R-97DX ? 

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA


I have the Tecsun R-9012 which sells for about $20 and it is not loaded with images like MY KA268. The KA268 has much fuller audio and other advantages. Too bad mine has so many images.The continuous tone control knob works very well.   The other Tecsun I mentioned is the R9700DX which has been in production for probably 15 years. It sells for about $60 and is dual conversion on the SW bands, and like the KA268 has much fuller audio than the R-9012.

I do not have a local transmitter anywhere near my rural location in North East USA , so that does not explain the over loading or images here. I bought the KA268 hoping for a cheap radio to have in the car for SW while my wife shops. Because I wanted portable operation, I have not experimented with some sort of RF signal cut, and it might not overload in a low signal area, or as I said mine may be defective. I did also try connecting outdoor antennas which as you would expect had even more images. One thing I noticed is the whip seems to be connected to the AM band, unlike most portables except SONY radios. So it might be a candidate for a small  tuned loop antenna. It does not have an antenna jack, but maybe a ground connection could be found.

When I have time, I'll see what I can do with my KA268.- FARMERIK


I got the KA268 out and did a few things with it last night. FM seems OK, and the audio is very good with nice definition in the highs in music. I hope mine is just defective.

On AM I used the C Crane coupler connected to a PK 18 inch tuned and shielded AM loop and could usually choose from 2 or 3 AM stations by retuning the antenna with out retuning the radio! It also got rid of the hearing more than one station on the radio alone. So selectivity is VERY wide on MW.

Without the loop coupled to the radio I found a SW broadcast on the MW band and on the SW bands I heard the same powerful SW broadcasters repeatedly and on different bands as well as some strong MW stations.

If you knew little about radio you would hear lots of stations and not realize they are in many places they should not be. That might make returning the radio hard for some retailers to understand and approve, and might not be noticed in a quick check before shipping either.

I happen to be shipping  zone 8 and paid to have the radio shipped here once. If I pay to return it, and get one no different I would be out way too much time and money, so I don't plan to do that.

I do hope some one else gets a KA268 without these problems, and would want one myself. - FARMERIK

Emily Keene

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I am not familiar with this radio, but comments suggest the age-old
issue of barn-door front-ends and poor image rejection due to inappropriate choice
of IF frequency, and RF leakage. This was a problem with "traditional" superhet
designs using 455kHz IF, but should not be so much of an issue if signal
processing is digital. So is this the case?

As previously mentioned, I would be intrigued to excite a SRF59
with a selective front-end - or to use it as an IF-onwards receiver.
The IF would then be around 1.6 MHz, sufficient to banish all but
the biggest bullies. It would even be possible to inject a BFO signal
at this IF for SSB and DSB reception. Perchance I shall find time
in the next life...


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Unfortunately, the KA268 I bought recently from Amazon behaved exactly as you described,
extremely wide bandwidths, and strong stations imaging and bleeding through everywhere

New Jersey