New Station on 840kHz tonite

Paul S. in CT

While listening to WRYM tonite it did fade-down 2230-2255 EST. During that time period, another Latina-Canciones station popped in. I thought it might be a re-log of Cuba, but it turns out the network ID heard was Radio Victoria. So I looked it up, and there is a station with that slogan WXEW from Puerto Rico.

WXEW is from Yabucoa, PR at a distance of 2689 km. Broadcast power at nite is 1000 Watts. Male announcer for the network ID. WXEW is station #633 that is ranked #19 by distance and #7 by scoring (19588 points). Programming is Tropical or Latina Canciones/Musica. Time of ID 22:51 EST using the PL-310 barefoot.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl (west)
Sorry if doubled posting, Yahoo is jamming up again using the Groups for new post or replies. Trying to get the word out while still fresh in the mind (Its been over an hour sine init. post).


Hey Paul,

I bet I logged the same thing tonight - tuning the dial around 10:00 PM eastern here in Rochester, NY with a few radios and the DX tools Quantum Loop.   I had inductively coupled it to a CC Pocket radio and on 840 I heard WHAS but also w/ quantum pointed SSE there was a Spanish station.

Gregory in Rochester