Tentative KUBR-1210

Stephen Ponder <stephen_ponder@...>

While trying to squeeze as much DX as possible from an unusually south-favouring night, I landed on 1210 kHz around 0600 UTC (1:00 AM) where, instead of the regular country-formatted sounds of KGYN in Guymon, OK, I was surprised with Spanish M/F religious chatter.

The signal strength of this UNID station was fairly strong, but the modulation was such that the resulting sound to to 60-year-old ears was somewhat 'muddy.'

Based on station lists I have close to me, I'm guessing this could have been KUBR in San Juan (Hidalgo County), TX.

It's been on my 'Most Wanted' list for over a decade now, but with nothing more than a hunch to base the ID on, well, it's still on that list.

Nice to know, though, that there really IS a chance of getting a real ID and some verifiable copy from them!!

73 & Good DX,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI
Houston, TX