New radio + New Station

Dave Hascall

I received a new Tecsun PL606 on Wednesday.  I purchased it from ebay seller kaito-electronics-inc for $49 shipped, via a traditional auction.  Yup, I saved 99 cents over Buy It Now, :)  The seller ships from California and not China.  Paid last Friday, he shipped Monday and I received it Wednesday.  FAST!

Man this radio is sensitive!Man do I miss direct tuning!  Lol.  Yup, it has some quirks but the radio has good sensitivity.

In the ten minutes I listened, I managed to add a new one to the ULR book - WJLS 560 WV.  Not too bad a start.  Nothing on LW but that was expected, being barefoot.

I will work at learning its operation, such as trying to keep it in fast tuning mode, keeping the light on and so on.

Dave in Indy