Another New XE Logged This Morning


Hideeho Everyone,

Persistence does indeed pay off now and then. This morning I was finally able to nail down a positive ID on a weak XE station I'd been hearing sporadically during the last two months. Heard best on my Sony T-615 w/ the usual SAT.

1040, XEHES, Chihuahua, CH, 1120-1147 UTC, 8/6/11, this one started as a super weak sig underneath XEGYS (Sonora) and WHO. By 1125 they were up and copiable with a pop mx format. They played some great old 70's hits from the USA and a few in SS as well. IDs were confusing at first. Noted several call ltr IDs but w/ a vy heavy echo effect. Slick production from this one to say the least. One of the slogans hrd went something like "Escuchas 10-40 (diez-quarenta) la numero uno, Radiorama." Hrd a funny lcl ad that mentioned something about beating the stampede to a certain store in Chihuahua. I wish my SS was better. Slick canned ID/slogans mentioned "en 10-40 AM en Chihuahua." Really a fun reception. ULR #779, LAm #155-

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK