Interesting prices on Tecsun PL-606 PL-390

Mike Lukinov

Dinodirect made very interesting proposal :

The anniversary celebration for DinoDirect has started! Let's come and revel together! All products on DinoDirect are involved in this campaign. It will last 12 days, from 20th July to 31st July. If you are an ordinary customer and place an order over $80, you can get a $60 cash coupon. And if you are an iDinor member and place an order with $80 or above, you can get a $100 cash coupon.

Even current prices with Worldwide Free Shipping are the best in Internet :

Tecsun PL-606 53.78$

Tecsun PL-390 64.15$

You may choose products from Tecsun, Kchibo and Degen

With this 60$ coupon it will be about 40% discount from above prices